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Wearing Your Magic (H)at

There's an unwritten rule (except I guess it's written now) on #Disney that you don't wear your magic (h)at unless you need to. The original intent was to promote a friendlier atmosphere on the channel, but not it's seen as an aggressive move to op yourself, and to stay opped for a long period of time would be equivalent to snarling at everyone you see. So don't do it. Thanks.

On the same token, sometimes gaining channel ops is enough to scare people into stopping something, like when your mother used your middle name to call you. So you may find times when wearing your (h)at serves the purpose better than kicking someone. A lot of times, when someone with a suspicious-sounding nick joins the channel, people will op themselves. Not only is this amusing to watch from inside Copper, but it instills a sense of security in other people on the channel who are also suspicious of the nick, and sends a message to that person that there are people watching.

Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>
March 2, 1997

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