About IRC, #Disney, and Budgies

IRC is often full of conversations that would, in real life, take place in a baseball stadium. You can talk to the people around you, or you can watch the game. Or, if you're tired, like me, you can sleep.

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user chat protocol, allowing users to talk to each other on public channels, or in private. To use it, you must connect to a server. Undernet is the name of a group of servers from around the world, interconnected.

What is #Disney?

#Disney is our channel on the undernet. We welcome folks of all ages, and do the best we can given the constraints of IRC to keep the discussion clean.

Our channel is an ever-changing menagerie of friends, who have all met on IRC. Although we're all nuts about Disney, it's hard (and a tad boring) to discuss Disney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More often than not we end up just bantering amongst ourselves. But we're always willing to discuss Disney if it is brought up, and new faces are our lifeblood! There's no need to feel the least bit intimidated when joining, just jump right in to the conversation.

Is #Disney safe for kids?

That depends on what you consider safe. Of course your kids aren't going to get mugged or shot, and while #Disney tries earnestly to make the channel a good family environment, there are things parents should be aware of before they let their kids on.

That said, most parents find #Disney a great place for kids.

If you'd like more information on what we do to try to make the channel more family-oriented, you might be interested in reading the channel manuals.

Here is an excellent source of information about IRC and Undernet.
Here's some good information for new users.

And if you can't be on IRC 24/7, boy have we got a deal for you!

That's right, there's a #Disney Mailing List so you can keep up-to-date and on top of goings on in the channel without ever having to get on IRC! The disney-general list, a moderate to high-volume list, is free and open to everyone! Subscribe today!

To subscribe, mail pipecpa@earthlink.net with "subscribe disney-general" as the message body. It's that easy!

What the heck is a Budgie?

A Budgierigar is a breed of small parrot from Australia; a parakeet is a kind of budgie. Silly! What did you think that bird head was doing there in the button?

We say "Best Viewed with a Budgie" because there are so many web pages out there that say "Best Viewed with [brand X browser]" because the author didn't take the time to make sure they were using good HTML. The #Disney pages, however, have been designed to look great with any browser. They will look even better if there's a parakeet on top of your monitor, though.

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