The Little Mermaid



She is too perfect

- Ariel

i just love Ariel, she is stunning!!!!

- Avis

she looks beautiful in every pic

- sabrina cheung

Ariel is soooooooo pretty.her voice is lovely, i love to sing too.Ive always wanted to be a mermaid.Iwould do anything to be a mermaid

- Kate

Eli n phebe ROCK!!! wooppwooop ARIEL IS FIT!!

- Phebe

i wish i was like the

- aimee

u are the best your preety awsome fantastic so much to say u even have the pretist and mostfantastic vocie

- ciani

She is so awesome!!!

- vanessa s

she is very beautiful thin but beautiful

- alle

She's so lovely

- Danisha

she's soooooo cute

- Marija

she is so pretty in this picture

- alisha

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