The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid - Jodi Benson Autographs

I have a few things autographed by Jodi Benson, most of which I got when I met her on November 14, 1997 at the re-release of the movie in Atlanta, GA. Special thanks goes out to Tracy Fein for getting me the personalized autograph (the one that says Meeko on it) for me.

Postcard Here is the picture they were giving out at the theatre when I met her. It's the same size as a postcard, and even has a place on the back for a stamp and an address.

Soundtrack CD Here is my CD I managed to get her to sign (after sneaking back after everyone had left) The CD is the limited edition picture CD available only at The Disney Store, and I got number 747 out of 12,000. Not bad. Needless to say, this CD is never getting played.

Personalized Picture This is the picture that Tracy Fein managed to get for me when she met her in Simi Valley, CA. Thanks again.

I also got the first page of my The Little Mermaid hardcover Twin Books book autographed too, when I met her, however scanning that would force me to bend the cover back too much and I don't want to take the risk of possibly damaging it.

I would like to thank Jodi myself for being kind enough to give me extra autographs, even though she wasn't supposed to or had to. She seemed to me to be one of the nicest people around. I also got to hear her sing Part of Your World with no background music in the theatre when she came in to talk for a few minutes before the movie. An amazing experience. Hopefully I will get to meet her again some day.