Cast and Characters

Chicken Little
Voice: Zach Braff
Chicken Little's life hasn't been the same since that unfortunate "sky falling incident." He's plucky, determined and pretty inventive at dealing with the challenges the world hands you when you're particularly small. Chicken Little seems obsessed with finding an opportunity, a great moment, to prove to everyone that he's something more than that silly little hysterical chicken who thought the sky was falling.

Through the course of the story, however, we come to realize that it's not everyone's opinion of him that matters so much to Chicken Little. It's his father's embarrassment and his lack of support when the chips are down that really haunts him. Knowing that his dad loves him is not enough; he wished his dad would like him too.

Chicken Little learns through the course of the story that he must stick up for himself as well. Dad can play a critical role in his life, but Chicken Little must also have the confidence to demand to be taken seriously when he know's he's right.

Abby Mallard AKA The Ugly Duckling
Voice: Joan Cusack
Abby Mallard is Chicken Little's best friend. She knows that since that "sky falling incident," all is not well with Chicken Little and his father. She'd like to help. She's obsessed with Teen Duck magazine and has some pretty good advice for Chicken Little based on all the quizzes she's taken and articles she's read.

Clearly Addy has come to grips with her unattractive appearance. She's the grounded one - wise, pragmatic and a lot of fun to be around. She has a secret crush on Chicken Little. She doesn't always agree with his big plans, but stays positive and supportive. Abby is a loyal friend who's ready to put up a fight in support of her friends.

Runt of the Litter
Voice: Steve Zahn
Runt is a loveable and insecure giant pig with some fairly serious body image problems. Even though he's huge, he's dwarfed by his even larger family and therefore thinks of himself as a "wee little pig." Runt experiences large emotional swings and seems to be a classic nervous eater. Nothing excites him more than when he feels he has a place and is valued. He can get completely down on himself when he feels he's screwed something up. Mostly he'd just like to get along - somehow get through life being offending anyone. He's a loyal friend to Chicken Little, Abby, and Fish. Runt could use a huge dose of self-confidence. When things start going horribly wrong, there'll be ample opportunity to rise to the occasion and prove his worth.

Fish out of Water
Voice: office water cooler
Fish is a sweet, innocent, Charlie Chaplin type that floats in and out of a scene almost unnoticed. He has an amazing knack for being there at the right time with just the right thing. His friends seem to have no problems understanding his glubs. The fourth member of the group, we are never quite sure how much he understands about what's really going on, and yet somehow he always comes through, even if it's only to offer a hug. Fish really doesn't need to learn anything, he already has it figured out - all you need is love.

Foxy Loxy
Amy Sedaris
Foxy is a sports star and the town darling. She's also Chicken Little's main nemesis and delights in constantly reminding him of that fateful day when he mistakenly thought the sky was falling. Foxy is also quite duplicitous. She loves the image of being just the sweetest person around, while assigning her bullying tasks to her not so bright sidekick, Goosey Loosey. When a situation arises where she needs some muscle, she snaps her fingers and Goosey goes into a controlled trance where Foxy can simply point her at her prey. For as outrageous and unsympathetic as Foxy can be, we see cracks from time to time in her veneer. She's got her own insecurities and in the end we feel she just wants to be loved like everyone else.

Goosey Loosey
Katie Finneran
Goosey is well ... not too bright. Her status in life seems completely dependent on hanging around with Foxy. She doesn't speak, but rather communicates in flailing motions and a variety of crazy honks. Left to her own devices, she's not a bad goose, she's just hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Buck Cluck
Garry Marshall
Chicken Little's father, Buck, is a loving single parent who struggles to understand and support his son. His anxiety over his son's small size and seemingly poor judgement has led to a pretty complete lack of confidence in everything Chicken Little would like to do. Buck was a sports hero in his day. When Chicken Little announces that he'd like to join the baseball team himself, in an attempt to impress his father, Buck is shocked. He can't bear to see Chicken Little embarrass himself further, and suggests several hobbies that he considers more suited to Chicken Little's size and abilities, like stamp collecting and such. Chicken Little experiences this reaction as a complete lack of support.

Turkey Lurkey
Don Knotts
Mayor Lurkey is your typical expedient politician. He likes to be on the winning side at all times. He flip flops from thinking Chicken Little is the worst thing to ever hit the town, to the best hope for the future of Oakey Oats, back to the absolute worst thing. There's a sweet confused quality to everything Mayor Lurkey does. He probably means well most of the time, he's just been 'mayoring' a few too many years. In the end, he might have a thing or two to learn about what a very small chicken is capable of doing.