Age: 43
Location: Oceanside, California


Greetings from the sunny state of California...

I was born on a warm sunny day in Reno Nevada, I learned to gamble at an early age....hmmm lets not sart like that cuz you probably don't want to hear all the bring details of my life, so let me sum up.

I am a 17 year old high school senior who just got accepted to Cal State Fullerton! Woo Wooo! I am so excited to get out of the house and set my own IRC time rules =) For now I am your ordinary talented young girl =) I play the violin, and love doing it. I also play the xylophone and vibraphone, which is basically the same thing. Plus various percussion toys. I want to be a great writer some day. I want to write children's books and murray is gonna illustrate them for me =) I also like to draw, but that is in my spare time, if I have any =) I am currently employed at Dreyer's Ice Cream, so that is where I am if not on IRC or at school.

I am usually found on #Disney or #Lionking as Mufasa, Mufa, or Mufahead...the latter is when I am in an extremely silly mood. which is most of the time. I am probably the worst typer in #Disney, so bare with my typos =) If you can't find me on there, I am on Unca Zeppy's MOO as Guinevere. Its really cool, try it! (Plug, plug, plug)

Thats all I can think of right now...have any questions? Comments? Ways to improve my cooking? Talk to me in IRC! Don't worry I won't bite....usually....

"Remember? Remember what? I forgot!" -Mufahead

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