Age: 44
Location: Austin, Texas

*sigh* Well, here goes....

My real name is Jessica Parnell. I chose my nick in honor of my very best bear--the bear who goes where I go, will be a permanent fixture in whatever room I inhabitate, and without whom I suffer terrible nightmares! (Sometimes they even drive me to sleepwalking....) Originally I wanted my nick to be Jasmine, ironically *not* because of a Disney obsession--my mom wanted to name me Jasmine, but my dad wouldn't let her (seems it was also the name of one of their friends' dogs). I tried going by jasmine a couple of times, but every time I did, I would receive at least two obnoxious, nasty, or otherwise undesirable /msg's. Turns out that most of the types who go by jasmine (or even jazz) tend to frequent the sex channels. ;-)

I live in Tijeras, New Mexico, but will be headed The University of Texas at Austin at the end of the summer. I have chosen to major in Studio Art, and hope that I, unlike most of my friends who have already started in college, don't end up changing my mind. My ultimate goal is to become an illustrator of children's books.

On the channel, I often end up saying about five times as much as the other participants. This is mostly because I'm usually pretty hyper when I get on, and am a natural loudmouth, besides. Hey, when you live out in the boondocks and don't have a car of your own (but your own computer), IRC interaction becomes your livelihood! (I was grounded from IRC the last time I lipped off to my mom ;-) I think I come across on the channel as being a lot more self-secure than I feel most of the time, though. Sometimes people don't realize at first that I'm a girl, because of my nick, I suppose, and I don't think very many people realize that zephyr_ is my guy. (heehee... murray blushes) Unlike many couples on IRC who met through chatting on some channel or another, Neale and I started out in person--the old-fashioned way, huh?--and have known each other for a little over five years. We met in high school, even though he's four years older than I, when we ended up sitting next to each other in Band (we both play the oboe).

Hmmmm... what else? I love kids, and especially babies, and can't wait to be able to raise my own. I'm for all practical purposes fluent in German. My mother's a German teacher, and sometimes we like to confuse people in grocery stores or post-offices by switching back and forth between languages. My father teaches Latin, which I haven't *quite* managed to pick up yet in my spare time. I have a younger sister named Amanda and an older half-sister named Kristin, and a brand-new nephew named Gabriel. Unlike Neale, I enjoy being surrounded by people and am often unnerved by silence. When I'm feeling introverted, though, one can often find me either writing or immersed in an art project of some type.

Thus ends my characteristically long-winded autobiography. I suppose that, when I finally manage to set up my homepage, most of this information won't be necessary at this site anymore. In the meantime, I keep procrastinating....

(oh--by the way, murray isn't coming on to you if she calls you cutie or refers to something as being sexy. no need to jump to conclusions, folks--these are simply terms of positive connotation common to the often misunderstood language of jessicanese.) ;-D

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