Regs Page Security

The #Disney regulars page is provided so that people new to the channel can learn more about our channel regulars, and so that the members can read up about each other. I have heard no complaints yet about any security problems with it (on the contrary, I get about one request per week with someone wanting to be added to it), but there are problems, and I have done my best to address them.

The problems center on the providing of personal information such as Real Name, email address, and home town, to the public. That many of the people listed are children compounds this problem

Because of these security concerns, I have recently added tags that will prevent compliant web bots from indexing any individuals pages. When this suite of pages moves to my new server, I will be able to prevent all well-behaved bots from indexing any regulars page. Unfortunately it is impossible to prevent ill-behaved bots from indexing these pages. However, all of the major search engines (AltaVista, Web Crawler, Excite, etc) use well-behaved web bots. At the time I write this, the the best of my knowledge no regular's page appears in a web index or search engine.

Additionally, all members listed have always had the option, at any time, to have their entries either removed or modified to remove specific information. That is, a listed member can request to have their photo, home town, real name, email address, or age removed. The only item that can not be removed is a Nickname.

In closing, although I have done my best to prevent the mass distribution of personal information, the very nature of the web is such that anything on it is broadcasted to anyone who wants to look. As with anything on the Internet, don't say it unless you're comfortable with the whole world seeing it.

Last modified: Wed Apr 30 13:20:33 MDT 1997