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What Copper Can Do

Copper has the usual protection bot abilities to kick and ban users for attempting to take over the channel by exploiting problems in IRC. He also monitors the channel for the use of inappropriate words, and has a party line inside him. Copper can be made to speak and move from inside like a puppet, and has a built-in messaging system for leaving notes to other channel users.

The Party Line

Copper has a built-in IRC-looking feature than can be reached in one of three ways:
  1. DCC chatting Copper (/dcc chat copper)
  2. Asking Copper to DCC chat you (/msg copper chatme)
  3. Opening a telnet connection to port 3333 of underdog.nmt.edu, either with a telnet or a MUD client (a MUD client will look much nicer). Note that you don't need to be on IRC, or even have your IRC client running, to connect this way.

The File System

There is a little-used file system in Copper, you can get to it by typing .files in the party line. It has built-in help.

The Notes System

You can send notes to other users with Copper, type .help note in the party line to see how to send one, or /msg copper help note from IRC.

Other cool stuff

Copper can do a few more cool tricks like channels in the party line, and even linking up to other eggdrop bots (not currently used), but it's best to figure these things out for yourself! Type .help in the party line or /msg copper help in IRC to get a list of available commands; every command has its own help as well.
Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>
March 2, 1997

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