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IRC, Bots, and Magic (H)ats

Channel Modes

Each channel on IRC has associated with it a set of "modes". These include a list of who is not allowed to join (+b), whether or not outsiders can get a list of the channel's members (+s), whether or not a user must have a voice flag to speak (+m), and whether or not a user must have channel operator status to set the topic (+t). There are other channel modes and you are encouraged to find more appropriate documentation to explain them.

Channel OP

A channel operator (or "op") is someone with an at-sign (@) by their name in most clients. Channel ops have the ability to give ops to other users, kick, set the topic (if the channel is +t), and set channel modes (including placing bans).


IRCOPs (IRC-Operators, not IRC-Cops) are the folks who run the IRC servers that you connect to to get on IRC. They usually appear as normal users, sometimes with an asterisk (*) by their names. IRCOPs have the ability to give themselves operator status on any channel (UWORLD), disconnect someone from IRC, and ban someone from an entire server (K- or O-line). W and X are IRCOPs.
Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>
March 2, 1997

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