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Keeping the Peace

Keeping Things Clean

Sometimes Copper doesn't catch language or behavior not appropriate for a kid-oriented channel, either because he's too dumb or because he's lagged beyond belief. At these times we expect you to help to keep the channel clean by nicely warning offenders with a kick if you think it necessary, and then a temporary ban if they keep at it.

Making the Channel Safe

Sometimes people will make laudable attempts to gain channel control. At these times it might be necessary to place the channel on invite-only (+i) or to temp-ban people. Other times people will send harassing messages to channel users without joining by getting a list of channel members; in these cases it may be best to make the channel secret (+s) for a while.

Maintaining a Friendly Atmosphere

From time to time an argument or lewd discussion will arise among ops or users. We expect you to take this argument to another channel or private messages, or tell the people who are involved to do so. People are still going to join when you are having your argument, and we don't want to hear that our own operators were scaring away new users by publicly bickering.
Neale Pickett <zephyr@nmt.edu>
March 2, 1997

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