Second Annual #Disney Get-Together

There were eighteen people at the second get-together, representing 7 camps (The Nala, Chan, zephyr, EgoMan, Mickey, Tummi, and Mufasa camps), most of which had cameras. Therefore, the second annual get-together pictures are divided up by camp.

Mickey has set up a couple of pages with pretty much the same pictures as here, but with commentary.

Group Photo

[Image Key]
  1. FreeNo
  2. zephyr_
  3. ChanMan
  4. (Hidden) Mickey
  5. Murray
  6. Tummi
  7. EgoMan
  8. Mufasa
  9. Sunni
  10. Nala's Mom (Doesn't IRC)
  11. Nala
  12. DaisyDuck
  13. Timon
  14. SeaPrncss
  15. Eggy
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