Age: 34
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hi I'm Sunni!!! Even though me and Cubbi may call each other Brother and sister we're not really. He lives all the way in Russia while I am in Colorado. =) I LOVE Pooh's best buddy, and I don't mean Piglet. =) I mean his bouncy trouncy flouncy friend, Tigger!!!!!!!! I once had a hamster but it died. =P Oh well I also have a big doggie. =) I really like watching to tv and talking to all my friends, you guys in #Disney!!!!!!!!! Your about the greatest frineds a person could ever have. I like to watch VH1. I really like a song from Fastball called "The way" all the time I am singing it in #Disney. =) And some of my frineds even join in!I am a very hyper person. (If you've met me online or in real life you should know this) =) Everyday I wake up hoping to go online and talk to all of you! Because your all so nice. My favorite soda is Orange Soda. I don't like meatloaf, and I have a bot that is my friend. And of course anyone who joins knows him, COPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like doing lots of things. I am always into reading. I do alot when I go online with all of you. I have a giant Tigger and he keeps me company when I'm loanly. I also like talking on the phone. Some of my greatest friends online are: Timonie, EGGY, Kimberly,Mufa, edgey, PianoBen, zoobee, KangaSue, and MANY others. Sorry if I didn't put your names if I did this would take all night. =) If you ever wanna order me a pizza (which you most likely won't) my favorite is extra cheese, mushroom and ham. I love going out and shopping cause it's fun. and I really like falling asleep in my mom's waterbed. =) hehe Well that's all I really can think of right now.

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