Age: 37
Location: Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania

Alright I'm only a kid and not very good at this but here it goes. Hi there, my name is Andy Tomaswick but you might know me as Shadrax or Shad. I got my nick from a stuffed bear that my grandpap named Shadrack. Shadrack comes from the Bible, book of Daniel. My nick is Shadrax because a 24 year old man from Alaska also had that nick and the girls kept getting us confused, not good :) so I changed my nick and don't have that problem anymore, very good :)

I've been on IRC for about 5 months, and it's been really fun. #disney is really my favorite channel altough you might see me on alot of channels. I try to be on every day but I'm really busy with soccer, baseball and other sports and I also play the clarinet and piano. I live with my mom. I have ten fish a dog named Sheba and maybe 30 birds outside that come to my bird feeder everyday. Right now I'm in 6th grade and I have a pen pal in Ireland. I have lots of friends and I like many things. I like all my sports, a card game called Magic, and playing on my computer and talking to my friends. Some people I really know on #disney are zoobee, KangaSue, Beauty, am2, GoofyJeff, Belle and so many people I can't remember but I'll remember you when I see you :).

My favorite subject in school is Social Studies my least favorite thing is English I know all of that stuff already :). I can't stand my mom yelling at me which she doesn't do alot but I still hate it. Vacations are my favorite things I just need a break from things sometimes. I usually go to Niagra Falls and I went to the Olympics last summer. I've never been to Disney World or Disney Land but I would like to go very much. My mom says I have to learn to wait in lines before we'll go :P. This summer we're going to Canada for a week and when I leave I'll miss you all. I love cuddling up in my bed under blankets when it's bedtime and it's raining outside. I hate it when my dog chases me when I go to bed every night. Someday I hope to have my own channel on IRC and you'll all be invited to it. Well nothing much else to say. Hope to see you on #disney.

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