Age: 45
Location: Ocala, Florida

SPydiR spends his nights and part of his days on IRC talking to a lot of people he doesn't know and kicking perverts out of #disney. The rest of the time he can be seen leaping tall buildings in a single bound, crawling on walls like a bug, and entertaining strangers with his skills in the art of watching tv while eating a roast beef sandwich. This is not all he can do, however, he's a man of many talents. He can make 10 minute brownies in 5 minutes, he can balance a 10 ton elephant on a toothpick, he can scratch a chalk board and remain unaffected by the screeching noise that is emitted therefrom. He has also been spotted leading tribes of savage students down the halls of school and dominating every environment he's exposed to.

Besides that he's just an over zealous punk rocker with too much hair. He's good with his hands (just ask your mom) and will soon be attempting to acquire a degree in something or other, but the real mystery is this: Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror with your eyes closed?

"Why buy it when you can steal it for less?"

"Let's make it Tuesday everyday!"

"The idea of a national health plan is a socialist scam."


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