Age: 44
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Homepage: goes...

I guess I should start with who I am. I am currently a student, attending the University of California, at Santa Barbara. I'm originally from this small town called Chatsworth, which is just outside of Los Angeles, near Northridge (yes...I WAS hit by the Northridge earthquake). I'm majoring in Biology, and I live in the dorms. We have what's called an ethernet connection. That means, I'm logged into my school's computer when I'm on-line, and it allows me to not tie up the phone line when I'm on. So...I'm on-line pretty much all the time. My computer is my TV in my dorm, because we don't have a TV, and when I feel like procrastinating, (which is basically all of the time) I just run to my computer.

Well, my nickname is pretty easy to explain. The meerkat's are my favorite animal. See, I went to a very small high school in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Zoo, where we were allowed into the zoo for free all of the time. The second exhibit (after the flamingos) was the meerkats, and I loved to watch them stand on their hind legs and watch the people go by. If you've never heard of a meerkat, then just look at Timon from the "Lion King". He's a meerkat. They're kinda like a prairie dog, only a bit smaller.

Anyways, I'm a really nice and enthusiastic person who loves to chat, so if I'm in there, I'll most probably try to chat with you. Don't worry, I won't bite. :)

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