Age: 45
Location: Long Beach, California

Greetings from Long Beach, CA, just 10 miles from the House of the Mouse!

First, a little about me... I'm an 20 year old full-time college student from Long Beach, CA, and I'm currently majoring in Television Production. I've done work on college news programs and some music videos, and want to get into the 'biz' as soon as possible. My ultimate dream would be to work for the Disney Channel, doing camera work or lighting. My main hobby is IRC, and I'm always in #Disney, if I'm on IRC. Unlike the other Gummi, Cubbi, I do not MUCK, MUD, MUSH, or MOO. I don't 'surf the web', I just search for the info I need.

My hobbies away from the computer include riding the bus to school and work, school, work, and wishing I had a cell phone and cell phone compatible PCMCIA modem. I am a large person, and for some reason, want to make myself look larger by carrying around small things. :) I like portable electronic gadgets, and the things that never leave my side are my Sharp Zaurus palmtop and 14.4 PCMCIA modem, and my Seiko Messagewatch pager. If you go to my homepage, you can send me [somewhat] alphanumeric pages. I often save my Sony Data Discman [3" CD-ROM drive, which uses proprietary discs, including encyclopedia, etc.] for classes, as it isn't needed much outside the classroom. I used to have an IBM Thinkpad sub-notebook, but it broke, and was too large anyway. :)

My musical interests include just about anything, including, but not limited to Disney music [especially Fantasmic!], Depeche Mode, Gravity Kills, Blues Traveler, Movie Soundtracks [including Mortal Kombat and Jurassic Park], Big Band Music, the shamen, Information Society, Wierd Al Yankovic, most classical music, some country, anything fast, but NO rap music.

My current job is working for an engineering agency, modifying drawings on their CAD computer. I also do freelance consulting for those who need help, mostly friends of friends of the family. I give technical support [when I know the answers], and help them make the right decision if they buy a new computer.

I can't possibly think of any other questions that aren't mentioned here, so if you have any, either E-Mail me, or find me on #disney.

Joshua Wells/Tummi

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