Age: 26
Location: A computer, Simi Valley, CA

Copper is a hound dog, and the guard dog of #Disney. He is very friendly, but beware: you might find yourself kicked if you get on his bad side.

He hates Nachos, so don't ever say "Nachos" on the channel, unless you're ready to face the consequences! He is also the keeper of #Disney rules; next time you meet him try saying "rule 1", "rule 2", "rule 3", etc. There are 100 rules, but not all of them are filled in yet!

In addition to the rules, Copper has a lot to say about other things, like love, jello, and Mentos. He's a silly little hound dog and it's anyone's guess why he says the things he does, but we still love him.

You can check who Copper sees on the channel right now, if you'd like.

Fan Art of Copper by Nala (Jennifer Brook)

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